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Mosquitoes are a

The incessant buzzing and biting of the mosquitoes is a nuisance. But that’s just the beginning of your troubles. These little pests pose serious health risk, as they are the primary transmitters of dreaded diseases such as dengue and malaria. Not all mosquitoes are risky though. Only the female mosquitoes suck blood to get the protein required for the development of her eggs. Male mosquitoes essentially depend on nectar from flowers for their food. Talk about gender differences!

Whatever the species, all mosquitoes need water to survive. Each goes through 4 developmental stages – egg, larva, pupa, and adult. Many species lay eggs on clear stagnant water while others prefer moist but dry land. On contact with water, the eggs hatch into larvae. In the next summer, the larva transforms into pupa and grows in a rapid manner. An adult mosquito emerges within about a week.

A female mosquito needs a blood meal before it lays eggs every time. And while it doesn’t transmit any disease when it gets its first blood meal, it can do so the next time if it has picked up a disease organism at the first time. Mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and such others have plagued civilizations. The problem is prevalent today as well, and only appropriate measures can help in eradication of the menace that affects our daily lives at home, at work or during recreation.

As a first step, you need to concentrate on destruction of the habitat of these pests. Large water bodies that have waves, don’t have vegetation around them,and harbour fishes, aren’t good for mosquitoes. Instead, you need to identify places where freshwater collects such as unused tins, cans and tires, ornamental pools, birdbaths and fountains, and so on. Water containers for gardening can also be a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  
Get rid of old tires, turn over anything that collects rainwater, change waters in birdbaths and fountains, empty swimming pools when they aren’t in use,introduce fishes that eat larvae and pupae in the ornamental pools, and take any other measures to curb the problem. Keep your gardening containers covered with plastic tightly. Opt for an organic non-toxic pesticide to get rid of these pests at home, in the workplace, and everywhere else. Read the instructions carefully to have a clear idea about how to use the electronic insect killer.

If the mosquito menace has got out of hands, it is best to depend on pest control experts to do the job. Sometimes, entire neighbourhoods are affected by them; in such a situation, you can always pull in the money and pay for pest control of the whole area. Remember mosquitoes are bad news for everyone, and the diseases they transmit can turn deadly, especially for kids and older people.