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The reason I bought mosquito killer is mainly to protect my family. During my research, I found iZap website is very user friendly and very informative compare to others. Later after I have talked to Shalini, she had helped me to understand Fortra and Tera better that had built my confident about the product. Secondly, because I know that I will have iZap Customer Support and Shalini to assist me should I have any product problem or servicing required including spare part for a long term usage. Clear instinct, trust and with Shalini’s assurance that had driven me to purchase later with two Fortra and three Tera without hesitation. The product comes along with eWarranty for a year that put me more at ease. Shalini attended all my request from the beginning until she personally delivered immediately at my door step. I have strategically positioned all the product at home since I have purchased in less than two weeks. I have already seen some dead mosquitos on the trays and I have heard many good zap-zap sounds. I know the product is working good now. I’m hoping Fortra and Tera will continue to stand on guard to protect my family.


Thank you for the great service and follow-up! I highly recommend iZAP as an effective product to eliminate mosquitoes indoors. Very dependable customer service as well. 5 stars!


Thank you very much Shalini.
Bought Artila from your company a few weeks ago and it’s working very well. It has managed to trapped mosquitos amongst other insects and we even found the dengue bearing mosquitos in the trap!
We are now in the process of getting  Tera for our indoor area.
Am also pleased with the after sales service. Shalini has been very helpful and patient in explaining the various advantages of her products. She is very knowledgeable about the products. Thanks Shalini.
Nassim Hill


Thanks for the effective fly trap.

Bread Life


Dear Shalini, Thank you for your email. We were satisfied by the mosquito trap although we found it not as efficient as the GC-40, maybe because it is smaller. Best regards,


Hi Shalini, I received the GC40 this afternoon and after turning it on in the garden it zapped 12 mosquitoes and some other bugs in 10 mins. My kids counted… Haha We’re very happy with it. Thank you for helping us. You have been very helpful. Rgds


Very fast delivery. The product works very well. Recommend for the house with small children.


I have been buying mosquito killers sold by your company for personal as well as office use. I find the Tera Mosquito Killer to be effective in killing mosquitoes. I even recommend your products to my colleagues.
On 3 September 2016, I purchased 4 units of Tera Mosquito Killer from Harvey Norman. This morning my Malaysian friend, who came to my house, saw the Tera Mosquito Killer and was impressed with the product after I told her of its effectiveness. Best regards,


Hi Shalini We had been using loyal MD-20W electrical insect killer for a couple of years. It has been very effective and I have recommended it to friends. Together, we have bought at least 5 sets of it. Recently, we have decided to buy a bigger set for our living room, and chance upon loyal H30A. The sticky pad is said to last for 3-4months, but we could not keep it that way, as the pad gets filled up completely with insects within two weeks! We are simply marveled by its effectiveness, and decided to buy a second set. The only drawback is the gap which allowed lizards to get stuck onto the sticky pad. But, after a while, I think the lizards communicated among themselves, they had not appear for many months since. Thanks for giving us such an effective insect killer option. We should be using LOYAL for many years to come. Cheers


Thanks for the delivery. ​The fly trap works great. 🙂

Katong Access Control


Shalini, You requested feedback on the mosquito trap. I think it has been effective in trapping mosquitoes. Also the plastic mesh makes cleaning under running water to be very convenient. I am looking into buying another 2 units.


Thank you for the great service! Appreciate the prompt service in solving my issues with the mosquito trap. Model Tera is effective in catching mosquitoes that we got another set. My son was not bitten by mosquito at home now 😉 Appreciate this product a lot!!


Hi Shalini The GC-30s are AMAZING! Nothing gives us greater pleasure than hearing the zapping as the mozzies are electrocuted to death! Some still manage to slip past, so I think investing in a few more units is definitely worthwhile since dengue is back in my area. Could I place an order for 3 more units of your GC-30 please? Thanks!


Hi Shalini, I have been using your product and it is working very well for us! J It is indeed helping me to have better night sleep…


Hi. I’m doing fine and your machine has killed many flies. I was wondering though- does it emit mosquito attracting substances too or is it purely the light? I still get bitten from time to time actually which is a little frustrating- but I can’t expect perfection-


Fast service and delivery by Loyal LLP. We are happy with the fly traps.

Assistant Chief Engineer, GEMS World Academy


Your Product has helped reduce the likelihood of mosquito attacks very drastically. You can use it as a selling point to schools.

Presbyterian High School