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Why Using Sticky Board Fly Traps Are Safer

Ever wondered why your family member or you keep falling sick despite following every personal hygiene habit? Flies, insects and other pests are a nuisance that keep breeding and harm the human ecosystem. Pest control experts use different kinds of tools to eliminate or control pests. One such tool is the sticky board fly trap, commonly used in households for easy insect detection and elimination.

What are Sticky Board Fly Traps?

When you plan to do pest control for your apartment or a commercial place, it is always better to use eco-friendly and easy to dispose tools. Sticky board fly traps are very effective in trapping a wide variety of flies and other flying insects. These are toxic-free and safe and hence, opted by people who prefer a holistic pest control method for keeping their homes free from insects.

The sticky board fly traps are typically glue-based. These traps are extremely efficient in catching all flying insects. Sticky traps detect all types of insects throughout the day and allow the pest control experts to monitor changes in areas where pests are found in abundance. There are instances when pest control inspectors put multiple sticky board fly traps in one room to identify the source of flies or other pests.

Benefits of Sticky Board Fly Traps

One of the many benefits of a sticky board fly trap is its effectiveness to detect insects during the night as well as during the daytime.

While getting a pest control treatment done at home or other places, sticky board fly traps are often used in understanding and identifying the source from where the flies originate. This is followed by a diagnosis of the level of infestation that has taken place and the methods that should be used for treatment.

These fly traps are toxic free and do not contain any harmful toxins or poison. Thus, it is safer to use even with children around. These are affordable, easy to use and set up in the home environment and commercial spaces. The sticky boards are disposable, making it easy ad convenient to maintain.

Sticky board fly traps are different from fly zappers

sticky board fly trap is different from a fly zapper. A bug or a fly zapper typically kills the pests and insects by electrocution with the help of a high voltage electric grid.

Side effects of inhaling pest control fumigation gases

One of the main advantages of using sticky board fly traps is that it allows people to steer clear of using fumigation gases. Inhaling the fumes of these gases can produce a range of side-effects such as coughing, vomiting, nausea, red eyes, etc. In some cases, there might be no immediate side effects but a patient may experience serious health hazards over time.

Another problem with these fumigation gases is that the insects might also get used to these gases after they have been used over multiple times. This might make them immune to the gases which fail to produce the desired results.

Where should you install Sticky Board Fly Traps?

Sticky Board Fly Traps should ideally be wall-mounted. Such traps are ideally used in food preparation areas as well as in restaurants. They can be used to catch the food flies silently without any electrocution and hence, preventing food contamination.